Lorries waiting on the border between Italy and Slovenia

Italy-Slovenia: a 232-kilometre border that cuts through an extremely varied landscape, from the Alps in the north to the hills in the south. It is an essential stopping-off point for tourists, a place where lorry drivers take a break, and an impromptu car park for container trucks crossing from eastern to western Europe.
The photographs on show bear witness to a recent past (the Italian-Slovenian border ceased to exist at midnight on 21st December 2007) and are part of wider research carried out along the borders of the European Union.
The flow of goods and people is observed and fixed in the pauses, in the calm of objects that seem to have been abandoned in empty, unused spaces: the back of small factories, warehouse car parks, lay-bys or fallow land.
The container as a metaphor for a world in perpetual motion, cubic metres of shifting landscape, a geometric and standardised object that is able to change its surrounding framework like a patch of colour.
Mobile architectures set out in a seemingly random way, occupying the border space while changing swaths of the landscape which the Schengen Treaty is pushing further eastwards.

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